Diamond Blades: The Perfect Cutting Tool


MK Diamond has earned a reputation worldwide, providing multiple industries with the precision concrete cutting blades demanded by professionals. The company has a full complement of diamond blades for crete mowers, tile saws, floor grinding shoes and core bits, and specializes in concrete cutting blades.


Diamonds offer the perfect cutting surface for manmade materials ranging from concrete to stainless steel. The cutting edge of the blade is imbued with diamond particles. As the blade is used, the cutting edges are worn down and particles are shed, revealing new diamond particles underneath.


Before choosing a diamond blade, it’s critical to know what substance the saw operator will be cutting. A diamond blade can be used on multiple materials, but should be matched to the specific job. When cutting concrete, it’s important to know its composition and the type of aggregate used. That data will determine the type of diamond blade needed and the speed with which the blade will cut.


Most outdoor concrete cutting is done dry, with blades that are specially designed to dissipate heat that’s created through the friction of cutting. For inside jobs where dust control is required, the best option is wet cutting using water. MK Diamond Australia provides blades for wet and dry cutting that reduces dust, noise and heat.


Wet blades can be paired with the company’s extensive array of walk-behind and self-propelled concrete cutting saws for straight cuts, demolition work and for cutting decorative patterns in all types of concrete. The company has a complete complement of diamond blades to fit a wide range of budgetary concerns.


MK Diamond Australia offers its celebrated line of highly rated Fire Tiger Tooth blades specifically designed for rescue, emergency, fire and police, along with the Ductile Iron Blade that’s engineered for superior heat dissipation and displacement. The company’s newest creation, the TPX-40, offers cooler cutting, noise reduction, and will cut through granite. MK Diamond offers the BXX blade for demolition projects and the Xtreme for a wide range of aggregates.


MK Diamond Australia is a premier provider of diamond blades for construction, demolition and rescue. The company’s concrete cutting blades have earned a reputation around the globe as the perfect cutting tools, offering a professional solution for any type of cutting project.

A Guide to Professional Landscape Garden Design


A perfectly maintained landscape garden is known to make the property so attractive thus adding its value. This simply means that designing your landscape garden will have a positive effect on your property. Water landscaping is one of the most popular designs of all times. It is a popular choice that most people adore. The design may include ponds, fountains or artificial streams. You do not have to follow what majority homeowners do. You can design your ideal garden by getting more ideas offered by Nathan Burkett the Garden Designer in Melbourne. You can learn techniques of designing your ideal garden here.


Designing a landscape garden can be difficult. There are numerous variables to consider such as the diverse array of architecture, infamous weather conditions, landscape and endless planning controls. This suggests that there will be some difficult and challenging tasks. It is prudent to let professionals do it. The role of a professional garden designer does not revolve around the aesthetic interest only. The ability to negotiate successfully about the environmental challenge, the council roadblocks at the same time taking advantage of the perfect opportunities offered by the landscape and architecture surrounding is a crucial role for the garden designer as well. There are a number of challenges in providing landscape construction services and designs.


Majority of people fall in to the trap of farming out a design to different contractors in search of cheap price rates. Keep in mind that landscaping is one of the trades that are extremely demanding, no professional contractor will do with a throw away price. Nathan Burkett has a team of professionals who take pride in following and coordination a garden design from inception through the implementation of the highest quality. With this team, expect a perfectly detailed plan. The team prepares a plan for the maintenance of the ongoing requirements. This is to ensure the original garden design is ultimately realized.


If you are a client in need of a landscape contractor, you can contact us through our website. We will work with you and the managing contractor to ensure the implementation of the landscape garden design without comprise.

5 Reasons to Choose Anston Paving Stones

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Pavers in Melbourne are slowly becoming a more popular way of outfitting outdoor spaces. Paving stones are pieces of concrete that are made to resemble bricks. They are created by pouring concrete and colorant into molds and are installed much like bricks are. Pavers are installed by pouring a concrete “foundation” that is then covered in sand. After the sand has been applied the pavers are installed one by one in the desired pattern.

In Melbourne the name to beat for the manufacturing and installation of paving stones is Anston Paving Stones. With around 20 years of experience in the business, you can be sure that these guys must know what they are doing.



When it comes to quality years and years weather beaten paving stones can attest to the testament of quality that is Anston Paving Stones.



Anston paving stones are actually designed to always stay 20°C cooler than most other paving stones. This means that when you go out barefoot on your paving stone lined garage floors you won’t have to worry about burned sore feet. This comes especially handy during the summer.



The pavers at Anston are durable. Pavers are known for the ease at which they can be replaced. The bricks don’t actually adhere to each other or to the base for that matter. What keeps them in place is the sheer weight of them. Not that it matters, because you won’t need to change your Anston pavers anyway.



All of Anston’s pavers are made from locally sourced stuff. You can feel good knowing that the product you are purchasing not only supports Australian suppliers but is also eco-friendly as well.



In the unlikely event that you would need reinstallation or if there is a problem with any of Anston’s products you can be sure that you will be talking to a company that listens to the feedback of their customers. Not only do they listen to you but they act on it as soon as possible in ways that will more than satisfy you. Such is the customer service at Anston.



Pavers are an easy and affordable way to take your outdoor spaces to the next level but how much will it cost? It will all depend on where you are located, what kind of pavers you choose and what type of prep work needs to be done to set a base for pavers on your property.



Let’s say you’re already pretty convinced that Anston paving stones are really the way to go but where do you install them? You can use pavers to line your driveway or to create walkways from the driveway to your doorsteps. If you have a playground out back for the kids you may also line the playground with pavers so you no longer have to work about the kids getting mud and sand all over themselves. Pavers are versatile material with functions that reach far beyond the home. They can also be used for the following purposes:

  • To line streets
  • Line walkways
  • Pool decks
  • Around fountains
  • As a walkway through a city park
  • On project entrances
  • Entrance ways to corporate offices


For more information about Anston Paving Stones look them up online and see all that they have to offer.