How to Know it’s Time for Tree Removal

Tree removal is risky anytime, but even the extraction of a small tree can be dangerous if it’s near power lines or structures. Trees may need to be excised for any number of reasons. They may be diseased, top heavy, rooted loosely or be in danger of falling. Tree removal should only be done by a professional tree removal service Melbourne that understand the process and know how to avoid damage to utilities, structures and vehicles.

The most common reason for tree removal is insect damage that can kill the tree or allow disease to enter. The damage is often undetectable until it has completely ravaged the tree. Insects weaken the entire tree, from limbs and branches to deep within the core. A tree may also need to be removed when it grows old and its lifespan is at an end.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they plant a tree is underestimating the height, width and size of the root system when it’s full grown. A tree’s root system can interrupt water and sewer systems, along with any other type of utility line that’s underground. It may also pose a danger of falling onto structures or vehicles in high winds.

In some instances, a tree may need to be removed to make room for new plantings, let existing plants thrive, home renovations, swimming pool installations, or to simply let in more light. Sometimes a tree has become a nuisance by dropping sap, wild fruit or seeds, or branches. A leaning tree is dangerous and one that’s been hit by lightning may be damaged beyond repair. It is always important to call an arborist Melbourne in the case of having to have a tree removed!

It’s important that stumps also be removed when a tree is taken down. Tree stumps are able to send out suckers that can grow into multiple-trunked trees. Those suckers can be just as disruptive as the original tree.

Trees help keep structures cool, provide oxygen, and can seem like an old friend, but when they interfere with the services that people need to maintain communication and sanitation they have to be removed. It’s a complicated process that requires specialized training and should always be performed by a professional.

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